1. Adhere to the "fair, just and humane care," and "competency-based, performance-oriented" and regard employees as partners, by human resources systems and the implementation of corporate culture system construction, establish excellent human resources management system, and strive to become a good employer, help every employee to be successful.

2. Selecting consistent with the company values and culture, with the potential to succeed, there is a strong achievement motivation, spirit of cooperation that can adapt to change, with creative talents.

3. Adhere to hire graduates of the system, so that graduating students to take responsibility early, use and shoulder responsibilities in the new study.

4. Establish and improve the internal personnel training and the development of mechanisms to ensure the requisite human resources development in the internal selection-based, supplemented by external recruitment.

5. The managers at all levels is the core strength of the company's human resources management. Managers through effective recruitment, selection, motivation, evaluation, training and development of human resources staff and other management tools to enhance the sector and the company's core capabilities support business growth and corporate strategy.

6. planned, organized, diversified training to improve job skills and professionalism of staff, enhance organizational ability to achieve human capital appreciation.

7. Establish long-term incentive mechanism, make excellent, backbone employees share the achievements of company growth.

8. companies to comply with national security, health and environmental laws and regulations, provide employees a safe working environment and staff and shared responsibility for occupational safety and health.

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