In a variety of mechanical transmission mode, the gear transmission accounted for the vast majority. Gear transmission movement and power is completed by the meshing of the gear tooth meshing, during the inevitable friction, to protect the life of the gear mechanism, meshing tooth surface need to use lubricating oil lubrication. The lubricating oil forms the adsorption film and the reaction film on the tooth surface, in order to reduce the friction coefficient and bear the external load.

1, the right viscosity and good viscosity temperature

Appropriate gear oil viscosity, can ensure that the elastic fluid dynamic lubrication state, the formation of thick enough oil film, so that the gear has enough carrying capacity. But the viscosity of oil can not be too high, otherwise it will be due to excessive heat within the fluid friction oil film rupture. Good viscosity-temperature,

Can be in the tooth surface friction under high temperature conditions, still maintain a sufficient lubricating film, will not wear. At low temperatures with sufficient fluidity, tooth surface lubricating parts have enough gear oil to prevent start-up wear.

2, sufficient anti-wear extreme pressure

This is the most important performance of gear oil. Gear oil should be in the high-speed, low speed, heavy load or impact load, the rapid formation of the boundary adsorption film or chemical reaction film to prevent tooth surface wear, abrasions, gluing and other damage to the gear device to long-term operation.

3, good oxidation stability and thermal stability

This is an outstanding problem. Gear oil at high temperature operation, easy to speed up the oxidation of oil, the quality of oil will deteriorate, affecting the mobility of oil and cause corrosion and corrosion of metals. Now the gear oil thermal oxidation stability of the increasingly high demand.

4, good corrosion and corrosion resistance

Gear oil in use, due to the role of oxidation and additives tooth surface corrosion; in the presence of water and oxygen, the tooth surface and gear box will rust. Corrosion and corrosion can damage the surface geometry of the tooth and destroy normal lubrication. Therefore, the gear oil should have a good anti-rust and anti-corrosion.

5, good anti-foam and anti-emulsification

If the foam can not be quickly disappeared, it will destroy the integrity of the oil film, so that lubrication failure; poor thermal conductivity of foam, can cause tooth surface overheating, the oil film rupture, so the gear oil Should have a good anti-foam.

Gear oil in use inevitably contact with water, if the water-poor gear oil, oil and water will form a stable emulsion, bearing the formation of oil film, leading to tooth surface abrasion and wear. Therefore, the gear oil should have good resistance to emulsification.

In addition to the above, the gear oil should have shear stability, storage stability and the compatibility of seals and so on. Industrial gear oil there is adhesion requirements, vehicle gear oil through a series of bench performance test.

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